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duck duck dye today
death is only a matter of time
created by your own thoughts
of adventure
and bi-products
of mankind so-called corporate relationships

duck can be found on canal
just a way from 296 past the restaurant machinery stretch
kansas knows what i talk about
on occassion

it's the greatest
the most possible
that split second, its alive

grey skies over tone
cartoons of refreshed coffee brews
avenue west of london memories
and numbers inside humid times

burning cigarettes
proving love and vitamin C
beach bundles exploring inns
coming together
dinner times
how much is that?

light magic
complicated on her breasts
in the bottom of my mind
my lips tied together
stapled with rusty school bikes

protected over
not giving in
hiding the want of malcom x blvd
and putting on girlie underwear
showering tests
so happy to take a normal one
after those bad meds

 1998 David Greg Harth @ NYC