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Earth Gift
I will bend you
take you by the hair
slap you
turn you
around and around

I will fuck you
up the ass
and between your legs
shove in
pull out
blow me over

I will slam you
up against that wall
your breasts against my chest
grinding away
two souls
two bodies
in the heat

I will torment you
eat you
feed on you
rape your thoughts
and bite at your tits

I will bang away
at your pussy
push harder
deeper each second
my head will go
in and out
in and out

I will be in black
you in your nightgown
slipped over your waist
I can smell you now
Taste your blood
as I bite your scarred lip
Taste your tears
as you yell in pain
in joy

I will look down at you
as you take my cock
in your mouth
suck it
all down
down your throat
until I give you
a gift from the earth
an earth gift.

 1997 David Greg Harth