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Eight Thousand Dollars
If I had Eight Thousand Dollars
I would have a limo
And a flat with a fireplace

I would have fruit on board the jet
And laugh at the fare in the air

I would pay for you all to visit me
And phone you when I'm in a coma

I would have wooden floors
And birch trees on the walls

I would treat you like flower gold
And enjoy the sunshine year-round

If I had Eight Thousand Dollars
I would still deliver meals to the homebound
And collect records from rockstars

I would eat instant mashed potatos
And continue my misspellings

I would fight for my own undelivered freedom
And always wish I was between your thighs

I would share the stars with you
And embrace our friendship forever

I would listen to frogs talking
And hear the gulf stream more often

If I had Eight Thousand Dollars
I would have space for a motorcycle
And retro lights and tables

I would still ignore mother
And be closed to all of you

I would paint and write all the time
And have a bigger studio to do it in

I would be above Heartland
And see myself on the widescreen

I would meet face to face with rabbits
And have even more to lose

If I had Eight Thousand Dollars

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 1515 nyc @ 1515 nyc