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Let me tell you a story
About my elbows

When I was younger
Younger, meaning just a few years ago
I was in horrible pain
My elbows

I decided to divide my arms up
First the left side
I took a hacksaw in my right hand
I cut off my left arm, just below the elbow.
I then struggled to wrap a tourniquet
Just below my elbow
Using my right hand
And my
I can assure you it was very difficult
After wrapping the lower portion of my severed left arm in wet gauze
I placed it in a huge thermal container of ice

The next part
I took the hacksaw again
With my right hand
And cut just above my left elbow
I placed my left elbow
In a jar filled with formaldehyde

I then unwrapped the lower portion of my arm
From its frozen gauze
Placed it on the table and lined up my now shortened
Left arm
I removed the tourniquet
Steadily, with my right hand and my
I sewed my lower left arm to the upper left arm
My elbow

The next part proved itself quite difficult
I'm a right-handed person, not

I took the hacksaw in my left hand
And cut off the lower part of my right arm
This was difficult because I could not remain steady
I did not have a clean cut
Quite jagged
But I managed to remove the lower part of my right arm
And like the left
Next came wet gauze, ice, tourniquet.

Following along
I then cut off my right elbow
And placed the right elbow
In a separate jar from the left elbow
And like before
Following the steps previously
Only extremely more difficult
With my left hand and teeth
I sewed my lower right arm to my upper right arm

In the past you have incorrectly perceived me
To be a man with two elbows
What you don't know about me
Until now
Was that I am man
With no elbows
Except for my two jars at home
Each containing

 2011 David Greg Harth