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Elbows In My Knees
These bones
These bones
These over ground fixtures
	out of print junctures

Complicated architecture
Swam that archipelago
My name is Michelangelo

Wife is an archer
Protest marcher
Molesting preacher
Heroic teacher

These bones
These bones
These problem solvers
	hand held revolvers
	soul survivors
	deep sea divers

Spread solvents
Innocent adolescents
Censored advertisements

Identity notarized
America terrorized
Keeping on my eyes
I've been dehumanized

These bones
These bones
These left overs
	push overs
	under covers
	community lovers

Liquid dykes
Mathematical hikes
Mystery nights

Silent secret protected
I was the last to be selected
Mirage reflected
With no fault, erected

These bones
These bones
These dark clothes
	dirty hoes
	friend and foes
	eagle's nest, street crows

Obscene gestures
Earned tenures
Digging caterpillars

Nuclear rockets in the sky
Earth's shadow magnify
Innocent claiming "Oh My!"
Standing tall, do or die

These bones
These bones
	These mighty bones!

 2009 David Greg Harth