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I would have the bathtub ready for you
Just after you arrive home from work
Filled with hot soothing water
The surface draped in beautiful flower petals
Light from candles warm up the room to a golden hue

My smile can conquer any of the day's sadness
With my hands I guide you to the scent of blossoms
Slowly I disrobe you and caress your soft ivory skin
Gently you submerge deeply into the hot bath
Mystical music is playing in the surroundings

We talk and laugh and smile
Exchange the warmness that surpasses the heat of the flames
I rub your wet back with my strong hands
Run my fingers through your silky hair and wash the beauty clean
Give you a delicate kiss on your sweet lips

I depart the bathroom for you to relax
As I prepare dinner for two
With the freshest of ingredients
Cooked to the perfection of your taste
Glasses of wine now await your re-entry

We have a lovely meal and a treat for dessert
Share stories of the past and dreams of the future
Have stimulating and inspirational conversation
Feeling connected during this moment caught in time
I lead you to the bedroom to have our own symphony


After the hours of love-making
The kisses to your lips
The traces of my tongue around your ear
The kisses to your inner thigh
The traces of my finger around the contour of your body
The kisses to your nipples
The traces of my scents intertwining with yours
The kisses to your back
The traces of my finger upon your navel
After all the kissing and tracing and love-making
We sleep together, in an embrace.

 2002 David Greg Harth @ 296 New York City