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Dear Ladies,

This past weekend I took a class in EMO. A two day course
taught by two doctors that are married to eachother. They
are experts in sensuality and sexuality with ongoing
courses in New York and California. They also have their
own book out. I learned a lot this weekend. One thing I
learned, is that I myself, have had the right ideas about
sensuality and sexuality all along. But I also learned a
lot which I did not know, and learned on how I can improve
in the areas in which I lack. By improving in these areas,
that will make my relationships with my lovers and partners
even better. At this point, you may be reading and wondering
what EMO stands for. Id be delighted to tell you. EMO stands
for Extended Massive Orgasm.  Basically the course taught me
how to stimulate a woman with hand to genital contact and
the possibility of giving her an EMO. In fact, part of the
course was the husband and wife doctor team demonstrating. I
witnessed the wife have an hour long Orgasm. Our problem as
a general society is that we define an orgasm as cumming or
ejaculating. But that is not the focus of the course. A
person can indeed be in an orgasmic state, for as long as
they want, if you (yourself, or your partner) has the right
touch. I wont go on much longer, but, I did learn the
technique by attending the demo workshop and hands on
workshop. I've also been reading the book too. So, ladies,
Im here. I'm available. And, I need to practice what I have
learned. (Ha ha, but I really did goto this course.)

Yours truly,
David Greg Harth

 2002 David Greg Harth