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The Emperor Has Returned
Emerging from silence
One thousand years forgotten
He becomes tranquil
Among past thieves
With pheasants roaming
And doves aviating

The Emperor has returned
Awakened from a deaf suspension
Awakened from a blind desolation

Emerging from secrecy
Time became irrelevant
He becomes euphoric
Among past maidens
With comrades commandeering
And enemies vanishing

The Emperor has returned
Awakened from a still coma
Awakened from a written dogma

Quest of the darkest deep
Shattering the ground beneath
Has interrupted this very sleep

His warriors end the pursuit
From latitude and longitude
They've given up the route

Endless to the very end
Beyond the cliffs of paradise
Only now he may transcend

The Emperor has returned
Awakened from an untimely death
Birthed once more into locus amoenus
With this kiss he has one more breath

 2011 David Greg Harth