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Empty Standard Gasoline
She woke up next me
The smell of gasoline was soaked into her ivory skin
She was soft and her voice was young
My adams apple was split in half and I was speechless
I could feel a warm ooze between my legs
Half way down my shaft and halfway down my back

She smelled of dirt
Of wet sex
And dogs out in the city summer rain
She smelled wasted
Round and forgiven
And like last nights butter

I couldn't turn to look at her
But I knew her voice
I knew the texture of her long blonde hair
And the way her eyebrows curved around her eyes

I couldn't remember what happened the night before
Or the morning after
I couldn't remember who I made love to
And who I last fucked

The gasoline scent now taking over all my senses
Making my nose burn with pleasure
Making my hands tremble with guilt
Making my toes itch and my fingers frozen
Making my ears deaf and mouth dry

I remember her sitting up
Scratching my back and digging her nails into my skin
Reaching around and pinching my red nipples
Grabbing at my knees and pushing them towards my chest
Making me lay in the fetal position
As she scored and threw me about

The gasoline now mixing with my seed
I don't know what Ill do in emptiness
I don't know what music to listen too
I don't know what weapon to use
And I don't know which direction to take
And I don't know who left the door open
Or whose soiled panties are around my neck -

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC