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2 Pussies/2 Pussys
2 Pussys sitting at the pool
One with four
One with two legs

One pussy winks at me
The other is my lover

One pussy,
Her legs are spread wide open
For the sun to invade

The other pussy
Is sipping
In the sunshine

One pussy's
Nipples are stiff
And licks her lips
While staring at me

The other pussy
Rolls around
Acting like a
Pussy cat in bed

One pussy
Is clean shaven
And smooth

The other pussy
Is furry in all the right places
And oh so soft!

Both pussys
Let their lover mount them
And enjoy the pleasure

Both pussys
Struggle and twist
At the sight of my gaze

One pussy
Walks to the water
The other
Pussy walks towards me

I have a pussy

 1998 David Greg Harth