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Falling asleep
On my white sheets and feather pillows
My head in ache

I feel the warm trickle
First from my ears
On to my pillow

My ears bleeding
The red staining the white sheets
And tracing the curves of my ear

Then from my nose
The blood traveled down my lips
Hitting the sheets

I bled from the holes in my wrists
And the holes in my ankles
Like my soul bleeding
The red rivers flowing

Feeling like I'm no longer the significant person I used to be
Loosing my soul, my thoughts
Seeing the flash before me
The images of all those brothers and sisters that I loved

The blood flowing from the holes
My wrists, my ankles, my ears, my nose
My eyes blue as the sky and ocean
My body getting cold, pale, writtenly forgotten

I'm no longer significant
I'm just a shadow caster now
On mountain tops
I'll be reunion warmth

I'm no longer significant
I'm bleeding now
I'm nothing
I'm your love

 2000 David Greg Harth