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Erotic is...
a midnight wonder
a slick date
a shy pussycat
a feather
an icecube

a shower above
a cold touch
cozy socks
and flannel pj's

back rubs
family and friends
your place or mine
today or tomorrow

sunsets and sunrises
the bay shore and the gulf of
cruises without bruises
no fighting or war
troubles gone with sorrow

news of good; not evil
clouds that bring sunshine
memories, in the memory box
partners whom speak

beating down; that sunshine
doves, blue birds, and penguins too
arches, golden, an inspiration
sex over there, sex over here

seas, oceans, and a bed of roses
petals, fields, fluffy puffy stuff
backyard swingsets
barbecue spice
holiday time
seasons in the air
fresh baked
no mother is fake

your grandmother's stories
sister's too
your friend's best cherished orb
and your last year's card

Erotic is...

a fireplace
a hearth felt warm
cotton, earthtones, valleys too
boundaries and contributions
covered by law, conquered by bridges
babies, a kitten's first light, a kangaroo's hop

a skip skip, skip to my loo
a mountain top,
a scotch
and a cover band

the jetsons, play-doh, and scooby-doo
Mr magoo, where are you?
an island with Gilligand,
and a Family in the All
Whose line?
i'm not sure,
ask benny or monty,
they are erotic too

a wim wenders film
a crashing car?
latex, lace, and leather too
handcuffs, silver, a beggar's change
a tribal beat
a fresh piece of meat

a heavenly god
mary's st jude
lucifer's actions
and god on his knees

your music inside your head;
lets get wed.

numbers and letters
jumble too
jingle all along the way
and then one day -

E R O T I C A ! !

E R O T I C A ! !

a fourth floor song
a street on 42nd
come, cum to the place
a grand 'ole time
25 cents a 125 channels

Erotic is....

a Miami girl
a Sarajevo accent
a womyn on a television
the weather person's prediction
a heroin's addiction
a guy named nixon
i think a cat will need a fixin'

Erotic is....

strawberries, whipped creme, bananas too
strap-ons, if you cant handle it - -
you shouldn't be here
or in there
or able to

read, right of the nation
political nation
songs about peace
agony on the streets

Please, a Warhol cover
a tune to make a lover
Please, a Warhol show
they wont ever,
be this low

Erotic is....

that first kiss,
a bear hug
when that train pulls up...
out pops your lover
your lover

a gaze into an eye
amber or gold
blue or oceana
green or pigment

a raised eyebrow
or nothing more
pollution making beauty
a stunned white nudity

Erotic is....

at that moment,
that one moment in time...
when you realize...
he is for you...
she is for you...
together, a moment,
shared but understood...
the feeling...
nothing can explain it...

Its Erotic.

erotic - adj; 1. of, devoted to, or tending to arouse
                 sexual love or desire <~art>
              2. strongly affected by sexual desire

 1997 David Greg Harth