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I have to speak about Escalators.
There is little hope for the human race.
Very little hope.

I hate riding down the DOWN Escalator!
Why cant people WALK down the DOWN Escalator?!
Is the human race getting that lazy?!
That they must stand while riding the Escalator going DOWN?!

Why can't they walk down the damn Escalator?
Why do they just stand there,
waiting for the moving steps to bring them to the next walking surface?
Don't they have someplace to go?
Isnt that a great waste of time?

Life is about waiting.
We wait everywhere.

In traffic.
For a train.
At the bank.
In line for food.

Why do people force themselves to waste time by standing
on the DOWN Escalator?
It drives me NUTS!

How can we have world peace filled with intelligent people,
if people are so darn lazy they cant walk DOWN the darn Escalator?

Before you know it, nobody will be walking. We'll having moving sidewalks.
Then what will happen?
People will lose the functionality of our legs and they will fall off.
Then our butts will become nobbing knobs that roll and scoot across the land.
Legless. Hopeless.

Start walking DOWN the DOWN Escalator!

PLEASE! All of you! I beg you!!!

 2001 David Greg Harth