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Escape (Version 2)
For once in your life
I dare you to take my hand
And escape

For a little while

Take my hand
Let me show you a new horizon
Where the sun is always beautiful
And your brown eyes are always powerful

Escape into the sky
And into the sea
Into the family of willow trees
And lakeside walks

Escape where silence gives you energy
And talking makes your soul warm
Come with me where God is your friend
And no longer my enemy

Escape into the ark of passion
And discover the hidden secrets
Cry upon my shoulder
And find yourself within me

Escape with the blue river
And let the current take you for a ride
Let the embrace hold you
And the warmth penetrate you

Escape into the smiles that last
And always remember
I'll be here
Until you tell me to go

 2000 David Greg Harth