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Escaping Thoughts
Everyday, since I was little, I had a crush on you.
The only problem is that Išve never met you.
I thought I met you a dozen times,and perhaps I did,
but you grew and changed form before I could adapt.

Everyday, I think I'll meet you. But when I think maybe
that I have met you, turns out you are involved already,
or you are married, or you donšt live in my city. Or you
are not intelligent enough or you are too up tight sexually
or you hate the music which I enjoy.

Everyday, with hope at my side, I search for you, or wait
for you. I go back and forth with the execution of the
procedure. (back and forth, back and forth) Eventually,
possibly, Ill meet you. But, I havent met you yet. Or maybe
I did, and you are right there in front of me? I really donšt know.

Everyday, I think that you reside in New York City, or a few
other places, like Korea, London and Cuba. Love is in Cuba,
my dream is in Korea, I love the English accent, and in my
city of New York, you have a cowboy hat on. One day, perhaps.

Š 2002 David Greg Harth