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Everything For Angola
You illuminate my heart
I am sad when we are apart

You are my lasting kiss
And my three year tryst

We believe in fate
Beyond heaven's gate

Trusting your instinct, fall into my arms
Around your neck, a lover's charms

Exquisite in every scent
Goodbyes are never meant

Buckle in bravery
Encourage my ancestry

Vast open African skies
Lost in your very brown eyes

Better squash butter
My tongue does not stutter

You are my cause of reality
Capturing my admiration silently

Remembering touching your soft skin
Fire burns inside our own kiln

Let us stand up tall
You and I, will never fall

In a week's time, something
In a lifetime, everything

 2009 David Greg Harth
Skin & Kiln rhymes in Harth's mind