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Expensive Rolling
Hard headed
A toilet surface
Sweat thrown onto me
Like gravel and pebbles sticking to my back
Cold ears never hear what I have to say
Never listen
Only flood to the dimple in your chin

Wind of nakedness
Giving you my rights
Justice never served
You told me to phone you if it was illegal
I will see you Monday

Bald spitting head
Tough guy
In hospital shorts

Not right now?
I saw you on the cover of that magazine
No kidding
Surface & Wallpaper for Furniture
How is your girlfriend?

Take off your leather pants
He wasnt feeling well
Cereal wet-ones
A lawyer in a tie
I've broken my toe
Split ends

Now my eyes are open
Wont someone please help me?
They said he would be killed
Killer Mosquitos
Cab ride
And I breathe

I'm paying my bills now
Please leave me alone
Newspaper seeds and dirt
Leftover panties stained from last night
Unlocked keys and rubberbands
Full and complete

Simon says
Chicken Geek
Circus Freak
Sugar Rush
Complete Blush
Pencil Stick
Lollipop Lick
Simon says

See you Jack
Out back
Brutal disease
Bug in the mashed potatos
Happy New Year
Happy Birth Day
Timing is perfect
Bob Dylan is on Bleecker Street
I'm not religious

Hash brown
Eggs and Bacon strips
I'm huddled nude
In my fetal position
I lay still for minutes and minutes
You have punctured my life
You have not listened
I'll take a shower

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296