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Like the rocks I lick at night
I fall from the sky at unknown speeds
My arteries refuse to end the fight

Goddess of dream's sand
I fall flat against this hard dirt
The heart of fallen angels are in command

Falling with my broken wing
Accept me for who I have become
Both of us are tired of aching

I have always loved you
Mí na Nollaig approaches
Let me help you with your muumuu

Choice is yours, to be fruit
With performing miracles and shining stars
Or reservations on Lexington's route

Falling in a downward spiral
Awoken from my study of disbelief
Encephalitis gone, your love is viral

I am not going anywhere, I have no place to be
Two have taken to falling
I continue to purchase your white tea

Let it burn for a little while longer
This wick of desire must meet
Days pass as our love gets stronger

Slipping under the over pass
Falling between the cracks
Lying on last year's meadow grass

I'm falling to the earth
Catch me in your arms
Make my long wait worth

Autumn leaves are falling now
Another year will pass
Time for your heart to avow

You fell in love with me
And I fell in love with you
Its time to become our very own we

© 2006 David Greg Harth