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Falling Apart
My nose started to run.

My nose was bleeding. First a slow bleed,
then it began to seep out even quicker.

My finger nails and toe nails begin to fall off.
Crack and chip at the base and eventually just flake off.

The hair all over my body grows rapidly outwards.
Falling to the floor and filling up the room.
My hair quickly gets longer and longer, first inches, then feet.
I'm among the bushels of hair.
All of my hair surrounds me quickly, covering me deeply in it.
Finally the hair, in a matter of minutes, turns grey and white.
And grows as much as it can until all the hair on my body falls out.

My nails are missing, my nose bleeding,
all of my hair grew out and fell from the pores of my body.

My teeth fall from my mouth.
Some I choke on as they go down my throat.
I feel the stomach acid eat at each tooth.
The acid rises in my esophagus and conquers my tongue.
It burns my tongue away
and leaves holes in my throat exposed to the air.

My eyes melt from their sockets.
Turning to a jelly like substance
with the iris sliding down my face and chest and leg.

My ears take a dive off of my hairless skull.
Slowly the intricate assemblages are gone.

My skin all over starts to blister
and my genitals turn black and blue like a major frost bite.
Quickly the blisters all over my body begin to form
water bubbles and sockets of puss.
Bleeding and rotting quickly,
flies from the near by market rush over
and lay their eggs on my raw skin.

Faster and faster I rot,
and now the speedy fly eggs hatch with little larva
and maggots screaming and eating at my open flesh.

My elbow and knee joints give
and I feel incredibly gummy not able to stand or sit
in any structured position.

Lying there, on the floor, still for the last few moments.
Bloody, infested, smelly, numb, and fading away.

I can feel the throbbing of my central nervous system.
All of my nerves and the synapses connecting them,
pulsating in an unusual rhythm.
My brain swelling and my spinal fluid becomes unbalanced
with abnormal protein levels.

I regurgitate my stomach acid and my bladder gives way and busts open.
The urine pours from the holes in my throat
and my anus explodes in an outward fashion.
I lay in my own pool of shit, piss, and blood.

The sun begins to rise outside.
The sunlight scatters into the room in which I lay.
The new sun burns the remaining fat on my body,
as the epidermis layer of skin has disappeared.
Motionless I lay in the mixture of everything that I was made of.

I can not see or hear or smell my death.
But I know I am dead.
Completely fallen apart.

 2002 David Greg Harth