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It's happened once again.
Woke up this morning.
Wasn't me today.
Someone else, beyond that mirror.
Stared at myself.
Looked deeply into my blue eyes.
Hypnotized by the various shades and hues of blues cascading out of my pupil.
Bursting like a miniature universe of loss and uncertainty.
Followed the pattern my eyebrows made over them.
Noticed how they guarded my crucial art eye from the outskirts of the public eye.
Looked at every pore of my skin, on my nose cheeks and chin.
Followed the lines of my lips; the top one thinner than the bottom.
Looked carefully at my facial hair.
The reds, the deep browns, the blacks.

I stood in front of the mirror staring.
Not knowing how long it would last.
When I would wake up, once again, me, instead of him.
Hurt. No. But I apologize, I must go sleep.
I'll be back tomorrow, perhaps.

 2003 David Greg Harth