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Fetish Sex Party: The Report
It was just the other evening
It wasn't too cold out it wasn't too warm
It was five flights up in a loft in midtown Manhattan
We took the elevator up
There was a mysterious liquid on the floor of the elevator
We didn't know what it was
It didn't smell like sex juice
And it didn't smell like pee
It didn't' smell like anything flammable
And it didn't smell sweet
The elevator door opened
Two naked women greeted us at the door
They took our coats
And took a small fee
For we came as a couple
For the evening's festivities

The night started off slow
We arrived just shy of midnight
The bar was open
A small petite woman in a tight purple dress served us
At the foot of the bar was a man wrapped in a blanket
We were instructed to step on him
Step on his body
Step on his face
We did
This man got off on this
He was a "Human Carpet"
Even the sign said so
I had a Guinness
She had a vodka cranberry

The loft was a decent size
A front room, we'll call it "The Blue Room"
Because of the blue lights
A back room, we'll call it "The Red Room"
Because of the red lights
And the main room, with the bar and multiple couches
Most of the couches had a black and white zebra print
I'm sure they were covered with stains of various fluids
I heard the loft was usually used to shoot porn films
There was also suspension points and restraint equipment
A large flat screen TV that played porn
The floors were wooden, the ceiling beams exposed
The Red Room had some chairs, a beanbag sofa, a bed, and a bowl of condoms
The Blue Room had some chairs, a sofa, and a stool chair
Which was perfect for bending people over

There were some single men
But not many
There were some single women who arrived with other single women
There weren't many single women who arrived solo
There didn't appear to be many lesbians
There actually weren't that many gay men
But there were some
There were young people, perhaps early 20s
There were older people, perhaps early 60s
There were people too skinny
Only bones
And they needed to eat some hamburgers
Some had tattoos
Some had piercings
Some had neither
There were some voluptuous people
Some average people
Some well toned fantastic people
Some really tall people
Some short people
Some people with bellies
Some people with short hair or long hair or no hair
Some wore leather and some wore plastic and some wore pvc
Some wore lace and some wore fishnets and some wore suits

Everyone was there for fun
Everyone was there to show off 
Everyone was there to witness
Everyone was respectful
Everyone was social

There was a woman in a silky red dress
She spanked numerous submissive men
As anyone watched

There was a middle-aged man with silver hair and eyeglasses
He had an attractive middle-aged female partner with flowing blonde hair
Small breasts with perky nipples
He chained her up
And flogged her ass
And flogged her tits
As anyone watched

There was an old man
I would say around age 55
He was dressed as a baby
He called himself "Potty Princess"
He carried his own pink diaper bag
Which had a baby bottle
And a wooden paddle
And change of diapers
He wore baby shoes
Baby socks which glowed purplish in the black light
He wore a bonnet, diaper, and baby dress
He even changed his own diaper
And sucked on his pacifier all night
His binky
He would always stare at you in your eyes
Whether you were a male or female
But he truly wanted a woman to boss him around

There were two men dressed as women
They weren't gay
Although, secretly, I thought they were
But no, they were just submissive
Seeking a woman to boss them around
Use them
Treat them like dirt
One of these guys had pussycat ears
And a pussycat tail
Between his thin pasty white ass

There was a time
When we went to the front of the loft
And looked into The Blue Room
And in the corner
We saw a woman 
With a fat chunky ass jiggling
As she gave head to a seated man
A gentleman

All nightlong
There was rigging
And there was flogging
And there was tipping
That woman in the purple
At the bar
And the young man with her
Also serving
And maybe
Being served

There were spectators
And voyeurs
And exhibitionists
There were professionals
And amateurs

There was a very quiet Asian couple
Dressed in black
Early in the evening they were fully clothed
As the evening progressed, she had less clothes
And he had a collar and chain around her neck
Leading her around
At one point they were in The Blue Room
And the Asian man asked a dominant woman
To spank his woman
She obliged
We all watched
As she was bent over that stool chair
Which was metal
And had a blue strobe light beneath it
Which made a cross like image on the wall
When flashing
This Asian couple
Is the type of couple you would see in an Asian porn film
Their body parts
Their privates
Should have been blurred
Digitally blurred

At some point
The woman in red spanked Potty Princess
I hope that made him happy
All should have happiness

There was a very large black man
He wore a leather kilt
I wondered if he had a small dick
I never did ask
I only did wonder

Later in the evening
The big black guy
In the leather kilt
Brought a passed out skinny boney white girl
To The Blue Room
I'm not sure what ever did happen to her
The last I saw her she was on a couch
Like an overdosed rag doll

There was a very large white man
He was very large
Like big, but not fat
He wore a black top hat
I'm nick naming him
"Edgar Allen Poe"

There was a man playing with fire
He had a nude woman lay before him
She had big tits and an eager smile
She was on a table in front of everyone
He would light his glove on fire
And trace her naked curves with flame
As we all watched

There was an exquisite woman
With smooth creamy white skin
Soft to the touch
With penetrating hazel eyes
With perfect lips
And her tits protruded forth
From her outfit of black
She wore black stockings and a black garter belt
A black bra that accentuated her perfect breasts
The slight hair on her mound
Displayed in the open air
Throughout the evening
Her eyes caught mine
And I caught hers

There was a group of women
Dressed in black lingerie
I would have taken them all home with me
But that night I was not free
I was dedicated to one
I was eyed
By women
By men
But there is only one set of eyes
That has me whole

At around 5am
As I sat on the cum stained zebra print couch
She took my thick cock out of my pants
And just started to suck away
Giving me a nice sloppy wet blowjob
In front of any gazer
Any audience member
She choked away on my cock
And sucked and sucked
I stopped her short
And led her to The Blue Room
Where I put her on the couch
And thrusted my thick cock
Inside her
It was so easy
Since she was wearing a crotchless fishnet body stocking
And she was dripping wet in anticipation
Spectators watched
We could have charged admission
Because we were such a hot fuck
The smell of our sex drifted from room to room
And from room to room
We went
Until it was time to go
And leave
Fetish Sex Party

 2012 David Greg Harth