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Fifteen Days
Muted Hazel in 15 days
I will be famous for 15 minutes
Wrapped in sheets in 15 days
Gone to heaven for 15 hours

Piercing Blue in 15 days
She will be real for 15 minutes
Silently waiting for 15 days
Gone underneath for 15 hours

Rocked through the sky in Thousand and Two
Nobody heard, everyone felt
Nobody listened, you & I
Rocked through the midnight in todays morning hours

Muted Hazel
Where have you been?
Muted Hazel
What kind of trouble are you in?

Piercing Blue
I don't know you
Piercing Blue
Is it true?

Fifteen Days
Away I have swept
Fifteen Days
She no longer has wept

Rocked back and forth
Steady stream
Violent toss
Break a snap over your knee

Honey Dip
Supermarket trip
Grabbed you by the hip
Going to give your tongue a slip

Fifteen Days
Come and gone

Fifteen Days
I'll here you sing

Fifteen Days
Spread the sheets

Fifteen Days
It's time to eat

Fifteen Days
I want more

Fifteen Days
See you in February

Fifteen Days
Ides of March

Fifteen Days
Gone tomorrow

 2002 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC