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A First Possible Attempt At A Poem For Jack
Resistful junk
wish I had a backyard bunk
I think I thunk
it's going to duck
Be around dark midnight
it's just about my luck
not to get any maid fruck
to make a damn american buck!
a roo - wish I wore
a tu-tu
fee fi foe thumbs
is that pete moss I smell?

Be pod lows
Come around low dying crows
Here seed med shows
Lice cauliflower hoes
Be fi fiddle diddle toes
Tickle me toture me
silly goose woes

Temple dimple in a hippo
Surround my buttocks uppon your nipple
Could it be pleasure
or just a quadrouple
or just a round-a-bout
table toople?

Doodie feedie times keedy
Sans, sands, so and serifs
Big small and neaty
How I wonder what you are
and if you really are that far!!!

 1998 David Greg Harth