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Give me the drugs
Let me sleep tonight
And not wake up tomorrow
Let me hear knocks at the door
And shoot me up with morphine
So I cant see her beauty
Or hear her laugh

Transplant my heart
I need a snake's coldness
Let me violently whip around
And never be able to hug her again
Or if, so ever

Give me your eyes
So a new set can be held
And ill never have the pain of thinking about her

Wash me down
So I can forget about my beliefs
Show me the view
To translate my horrors
Take me downtown
To get tests that reveal my truths

Restrain me
So I wont break glass down your chest
So I wont cry myself to sleep
Cradiling my head in my arms

Send yourself to me
Because when Iım with you I forget about her
And Id like to absorb the scent from which you grow
And Id like to remember you
As the lasting image of beauty
not her

İ 1998 David Greg Harth