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For The Vanished
The grey skies swallowed up your colorful existence
Disappeared under the blanketing clouds of New York
They tell me that time brings healing distance

My subconsciousness repeats visions of you
Reproducing each evening walk and day light kiss
Wish I had viral encephalitis again from the flu

Affection for you overflowed like scorching lava
That love I had was of the deadliness venom
Placed a tourniquet around my superior vena cava

I'm the faithful poet soldier with the greatest fidelity
Only memories of you are constant
Like a hamster spinning its wheel of eternity

Recollections of you begin to fade
I hope for a life full of amnesia 
It was inevitable that my heart was to be betrayed

The echo of your voice now dissolved
No more whispers of unlawful infatuation
Now free from my clenching heart and absolved

You were a humming bird's song and a tulip's bloom
Long vanished from my existence
Forever I'm buried in a lover's tomb

I did not ask for this torture and anguish inside 
Perpetual unbearable pain and agony
Makes me want to commit the grandest suicide

 2012 David Greg Harth