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I forgot her
Damn It!
I did wrong.

Now she is gone
I gave her a painting
She left with my poetry

I have done no good
I scarred myself forever
Forever I am damned!

I threw myself in a cave
Sealed my soul
After pouring out my cum!

I remember squeezing her breasts
In a shower I took
I remember squeezing her ass
In the bed I destroyed

But now I forgot her
Damn It!
And now I am homeless

Without her I am dead.
With her I am a lie.
Today is no different
For she is still at my knees.

From the magazine shelf
To the soul music
She is a memory
Of tiger hood
And overalls

But I have died
I forgot her.
What can I say?
But I am dead today?

 1998 David Greg Harth