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I remember your albino hair
And gaze you gave me
Your over the shoulder shrugs
Filled of straps

You and your vanilla-cherry lips
I devour so much
The bites at your neck
And the nights shooting stars

We can puncture our veins together
And take the fake drug underneath the docks
By the cold gulf waters
As war rages on across seas

Lets unzip and let go
Surrendering to the darkest times
Nightmares about loosing teeth
And stradiling around my waist; dentistry

Boxing fights, Mighty Joe Young and Family re-runs
Its all old news to me, making me erect
For numerous albinos in the fields
Taking a cab, a dollar tip

Making it fair
And donąt believe, just a lie
Making it hot and squishy
For a little while ..
just a bit

Twidle Dee - Twidle Dum
Feeling woozy, I think Ill get drunk like a bum

Albino throbbing
Hard for you
Poetry is dead
Art is dead
and so are you...
and so are you.....

© 1998 David Greg Harth @ 505NJ/(WS@NYC)