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Found Days
Life is just a show
An assortment of catalogs
And told commercials
We are assembled and manufactured
And look into our lovers eyes

Love is created by corporate stands
Bookmark sayings and hallmark greetings
The episode I miss most
And desire the most
Is the never ending until next week to be continued one

These are the days
Where I remember those who adjusted
And those who affected me
Have become infected
With HIV

I remember deeply
Their smiles, their courage, their touch
I remember their words, their power, their warmth
I'll never forget, and I'll always pass on
Their true love

Love cant be bought or taught
Love can only be experienced
And those who share will continue
And all I can do is smile
And think of you

Life is just a show
These are the days
I'll never forget the sweet bananas
Your bleeding gums
And your crooked smile

The mint white sheets
And eager looks toward the Day
What you have found in me
And what I have found in you
The laughter

Looking out windows of rain
You shared your warmth with myself and others
I can only grasp at the memories
And shed salt tears in your name
And forget about being captured

I cry

 1999 David Greg Harth