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Freedom (Version #1)
Heading West
At sixty-five
Seeing the hills roll over
The burning hills on fire
Glowing reds and oranges
With a great wonderfull halo

Hearing the tune and hymns
Of rediscovery
And all I can say is
Freedom at Last! Freedom at Last!

Heading West
Realizing there is no more
Had it all
Until the end
Survived much
To continue on

Had a bird
And nutless board
Missed my cat
His eyes and glare

Decision of mades
And maids dancing with red
Sled riding hills
The West on Fire

Freedom at Last! Freedom at Last!
With thougts of you,
My friend

Messages of thanks
As re-runs get fatter
Recalling hatred
Over misty mountains
Control is thirst
And I for you.

Freedom at Last!
Freedom at Last!

Š 1998 David Greg Harth
Fatheršs Day