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Friday Poem
As you eat your donuts,
And you sip your tea,
I cant help but think,
If you'd be suckin' on me.

As you study your lines,
And you think of photography,
I cant help but think,
If we'd make our own choreography.

As you wash your hair,
And you think of the sky,
I cant help but think,
If I'd go down on your thigh.

As you wet yourself with soap,
And you clean your soul,
I can help but think,
If you let me go on and cajole.

As you bend forwards,
And you deliver your rump,
I cant help but think,
If in the night we went thump.

As you sing your song
And I put you in a gag,
I cant help but think
If we went for a shag.

As you moan your words,
And hear the twinkle of a flute,
I am the Eden,
And you are my fruit.

That is my tale,
A Friday morning,
I am here,
and you are there,
I am a rock,
and you,
a river.

 2005 David Greg Harth
Poem for J-Dog