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funny little artman
funny little artman
crawling on the bottom of the sea
crawling on the white walls of the Chelsea Gallery
crawling on the floor beneath Peggy Guggenheim's skirt

funny little artman
showing his art all around town
showing his thick cock to all the viewers
showing his talent to the world

funny little artman
charming the moms and dads
charming the art critics
charming the women

funny little artman
creating with his camera
creating with his paintbrush
creating with his mind

funny little artman
up in the attic working
up in the sky working
up in the bed working

funny little artman
gone to the museum to study Pollock
gone to the gallery to study De Kooning
gone to the center to study Ryman

funny little artman
carrying the Bible wherever he may go
carrying the rubber bands around his wrist
carrying the black clothes on his back

funny little artman
in his studio
in his mind
in his development

watch him run!
watch him grow!
watch him succeed!
funny little artman!

 2003 David Greg Harth