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G & G
It's like eating a banana
When you are done with it
You have a useless peel

Like a string I use for dental floss
Bitten and straped
I'm going to be a professional Necropheliac
Don't you just love it!

She had a strap on
And took him by suprise from behind
Kissed around, been around
Outfront back-yard big kong

It's like peanut butter
Gettin' stuck down your sore throat
Thick skull
Don't want to be

Like a silent lover
Tied down and knotted
Seeing the blind and hearing the deaf
Repair yourself a cafe

She had a dream
And took him by suprise in front
Kissed around, been around
Spring day on the lawn

And the other ego
He says
It's like stepping in a bag of shit
Because once you do,
You can never get that shit out between your toes!!

Smile, and Ill always smile with you...

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC