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Give Up
I give up
I'm wasted

I give up
There is nothing left
No sorrow or bare trees
No grounds to hunt on
No leftover space
Or corners to mold and form

I give up
Silently awakened
In the moist midnight air
Nobody to eat
And nobody to die

I give up
Stranger's umbrella
A holocaust nickname
A king

I give up
Let me entertain you
And kiss you on the thigh
Let me swallow you
And kiss you on the cheek goodbye

I give up
It's only natural
Ive never seen it before
I'm tired today
Tomorrow is a new old day
I'm bringing in the welcome mat
I'm bringing in the traps

I give up
They wrapped me in gauze
And traveled me through time
Developed my horror
And fed my veins

I give up
It's a back seat driver
And a live-in maid
A rainy holiday
Virgin flowers and settlements
By the brooks in the land

I give up
My eyes have bags
I'm a skeleton today
My ballad has gone home
I'm left with nothing in my hands
Your wet stringy hair clings to me
And my teeth still fall to the ground

I give up
My birds have died
The cash is done
I'm looking underneath the rabbit holes
And you left me starving
I give up

 1999 David Greg Harth NYC NYC