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Nameless creature of the earth
She is a Goddess presented before me
More than a decade of existence is one of many barriers
Not to mention the vertical erectness of limited time
Summer is upon us and soon the wind will carry her away
Again I am not sure

The golden light has shined on her feet
Engulfing her steps from each point of departure and arrival
Where she walks, flowers bloom
Where she gazes, animals are born
She is a Goddess without name
Her eyes are poisonous to the glare
Testosterone fueled men drop to their knees in her wake
Mother earth is jealous of her beauty
Her passion makes the sun and moon dance with envy

It is certain, it has been said, and it shall remain as so
As the man I am, the man I once was,
As the man I have become, and the man who I will be,
I am not allowed to know her name
For she, the Goddess in golden light
Is a nameless beauty forever out of reach

 2010 David Greg Harth