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Going Down (Version 2)
It is where I would like to be most.
You are my leopard, you are my host.

Tonight my tongue is a serpent.
My touch upon your lips will be potent.

Let me gaze upon your passage way.
Welcome to the kingdom of foreplay.

As I taste your inner beauty.
Inside I explore deeply.

Our tryst has just begun,
It's where I nuzzle upon your sacred garden.

I will lick voraciously forever.
I'll move in even closer.

With my tongue I orchestrate a symphony.
I first start out so very gently.

Then with a strong powerful thrust.
I taste, I must.

You are my Aphrodite in essence.
I swallow your innocence.

Summer moon in the mist.
Gyrating in and out, just kissed.

Humming birds have nothing on me.
My speed is fiery.

I gather your moist lips with my tongue.
Your orgasmic chorus has been sung.

The clock strikes midnight.
A torrid affair we unite.

 2005 David Greg Harth