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3 AM
It's 3am

the rain pours
I wonder what you wear
in your midnight sleep
I wonder what you are dreaming of
and tomorrow

I think about you
what you look like
who are you
I ponder the wonderful things
the bonds, the poetry, the art
and the darkness

I hope for truth
a belief
maybe a dance in this rain
a naked rain

the rain comes down
continues to flow
down the window pane
I hope to be in the nude one day
when one paints a picture
of me today

I wonder how you sleep
curled up
on your stomach
or on your back
in the heat
or no covers above

I wonder how the moonlight
shines in your room
reflects across your bed
your face
your glorious breasts

I wonder if the rain will end
so the black sky will be quiet
so I can lean over
at 3am
whisper into your ear

 1997 David Greg Harth