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The Great Masturbator
This is a true story.
You have my word.

8:30pm March 1st 2000

I was standing on the uptown platform
At the Broadway/Lafayette subway station
Waiting for the B or D or Q train

I was at the very front of the platform
I was infront of the closed-off storage room that blocks the other passengers
From seeing me, and I seeing them

The same layout was across the tracks
At the platform for trains going downtown
Into Brooklyn

To my suprise
I was being watched by a man

He was a light-skinned African American
And his jeans were pulled slightly down
And he had his big dick out
He was masturbating
Jerking off his hard erect dick
As he looked at me

I couldn't believe it
Personally I've known women who have witnessed men masturbating to them
But this was reverse
The man had his dick out right there
In the open
And he was feverishly stroking his cock
Back and forth!

I just stood across on my platform
Staring at his eyes
Letting his imagination run wild

Maybe it was great
To have a guy jerk off to the image of me
To raise my ego
He thought I was sexy!

My B train came
And I didn't see or hear
Him cum

But odd, As I got on that train
The stench smelled like cum!

Must be psychological
And thats my story.

 2000 David Greg Harth NYC NYC NYC