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Green Eyes
Golden shimmer
Holding me
Commanding me

Her emerald green eyes feeling
Trying to see through

Her golden red hair
Flowing down
Back alley High School

Twos by twos
Not the same day blues

She looks out across rivers
A daily job
A friend by day
A memory at night

No drink at all
After daylight
We go to our locations
To sleep and wonder

She sleeps in new bedrooms
As I twist and turn
She knows my thoughts
About loved ones
And hated ones

She sleeps until the sunrise
As I tred the waters to meet her

She comes down fast
Upon my poetry and dollars

She shimmers in lights
And is a delight
A Times Square beauty
On the west most face

Staring out
I wish it was

I thankyou
Wonderful Friend

 1998 David Greg Harth