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Grey Hair (Orange Juice & Coffee)
We took the sour Orange Juice together
soaked in the wetness of health
and had a delightful toast
She massaged my back and that was that

Like dead animals living
flesh eating flesh
She quivered in her own cum

She used salt chalk for make up
qtips until her ears bled
brushed her teeth until gums bled
choked on her tears

He laughed and laughed with me
We ate sweet bananas together
And laughed at the fat laugher and the tall guy
That guy was really tall and skinny and always shook
He did the Thorzine shuffle
Wish I was in the Day.

She really knows how to burn a friendship
and scatter the ashes
across the plains of death
I wonder if she will tuck me in at night
Read me a bedtime story
Knowing I can not respond
or remember her name?

I got dressed up in my tuxedo
We whined and dined and she did her usual grind
We had a ball, a grand all time
but it wasnt her who I wanted
All these years
I wait and wait,
search and search

I see her reflection
her dirty raggy old hair
her aged skin with valleys of wrinkles
Liver spots and dead skin drifting to the floor
I comb her thick hair and hold her fragile hand
We talk for lasting hours into the night
I learn about her two sons and her daughter
The life she had in the vivid colours of greens and blues

Tomorrow a new day
it's today
to see my friend I dive the traffic
and I find her dead
Her silver hair
She gave me ten-dollar bill in my hands
I never said thankyou
It rained down
Oil upon my face

I go outside
Rub chalk on my face
and wash up
brush my teeth
and discover my feet under the covers
You know I did wrong
but I only sang the song I knew
and now my hair is grey.

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC