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Growing Beautiful
When your hair turns grey
And a silvery white
After the sweaty tears
You rolled down all those nights
I'll still be with you

And after your fingernails grow older
Become numb to the coldness
And become thick and yellowish
I'll still be at your side

When your back begins to turn
And you lean towards the earth in honor
Of the years you have walked
I'll still be with you

As you take showers to baths
And then less frequently
As grandchildren have grown
And our own have moved on
I'll still be at your side

While you roam around
Finding the medication
Or comforting yourself
In an oak rocking chair
I'll still be with you

No matter how long it goes on
How many wonderful wrinkles your skin develops
Or how many times I visit you in the hospital
I'll be there for you

I'll still brush your hair nightly
And kiss you goodnight
And goodbye
I'll sit with you and speak with you
And hug you goodmorning

I'll help you up from the chair
Or up the stairs to the door
I'll light candles for you
And still do the dishes as you rest

I'll reach the high places
And make the holidays perfect
I'll still gaze into your eyes
Just as if we were young again

For all the years
That I grow with you
I want you to know
I'll be there for you
And I still
Will be there for you

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC
Valentines Day