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Hairy Man
You are big and husky
A man's man
Hairy man.
Fuckin brilliant.
A wonderfull machine
Clean & Fuckin dirty

You are a huge giant
Your fingers are bigger than my palm
Your tongue is bigger than my femer
Your hair is scratchy then the velcro on my shoe

You are a beast
A monkey
A fuckin ape
A gigantic tarantula
Your tears make the Great Lakes miniature
Your shit is bigger then all the Buffalo roaming
Your ideas should be printed on currency

You are unspeakable
You are obsession
You get in my fuckin way
You freeze when in the line of duty
You crawl up a woman's sleeve
You die alone and youre left with nothing

You're fuckin huge
A brilliant warrior
Hairy fucker
A tower of thickness
Lust and Bullshit
You are broken
A fuckin pane of glass
A fuckin vile of blood
A mason jar of fat
A pool of urine
A photograph of puberty
A leftover dinner
A piece of shit

You are on top
Positioned yourself on top of the highest point
The farthest destination
The lonelist place on earth
The coldest
The most sacred
Dusty, Grey, Smelly, Dirty, Fuckin place in the world

You are a man's man.
And you mean nothing to me

 2001 David Greg Harth