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Everyone was expecting me
The guest of honor
To be at the event of celebration

The first was to find me
Alone among her beauty

Found me in a pool of red
Soaked in the grey floor
Of my street address

The second to come down on in
She walked in and heard the soundtrack playing
The score of death

They were not quite sure when it happened
And the third man of beauty arrived
Took things into perspective and placed a few phone calls

The fourth and fifth arrive
Not knowing the horror they have found
The sixth phones the studio

The seventh comes with out any I AMs
But with greenbacks to trade
With a man who lay dead

Eighth walks in with Sixth
Out from the warm street
The Ninth in love, now bows in sadness

Tenth and Eleventh come with unexpected Twelfth
Tears pour into the pools I lay deep in
As Thirteenth and Fourteenth and Fifteenth do not show

Sixteenth is gone
Seventeenth has not phoned
Eighteenth comes with a drink in hand

No scotch by my side
A paper Will in the cabinet
A collection for you, and a collection for you

Nineteenth and Twentieth
They all arrive, the music changes
Valentine cards done, in the head

A fan rotating overhead
A poem of sorrow, a poem of hope
A poem of laughter, a poem of memory

Twenty-first and Twenty-second,
They file in one after the other
Hugging and gathering

Coroner long over due
Police come in, I remember that September
True ones never said hello, only have forgotten

The celebration is today
The funeral is at a day's notice
Pack your belongings and say goodnight

 2002 David Greg Harth