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Head First
I knew nothing then of what I knew today
She had bright red hair
Above her head and below.

Freckles covered her body
In between her pasty white skin poked out,
Said hello.

I was innocent then.
Not even a lover.
We just swallowed each other's kisses.

An hour before she rode me dry in my car.
Fogged autumn windows
Tail lights were out.

In the wood paneled basement we sat
Lying on the leather couch she began
Slowly inching downwards

Unbuckled, unbuttoned, pulled
She encompassed me with her lips
Whole in its entirety

The feeling reminded me
All the previous times of self pleasure
Growing up so unexperienced

Sliding, gliding with her tongue
Such intensity
I could not believe what I saw before me.

Her red hair is all I see
What I feel is wet
Explosive in my teen sensations

Her parents walked upstairs
Back and forth, back and forth
On the linoleum kitchen floor

I feared they would come down
To discover their innocent daughter
Mouth wrapped around me

Before they took steps downward
I drowned her throat
With my first vocal cavity emergence.

 2005 David Greg Harth