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Heaven Sadness
The overwhelming sadness
The emptiness

The depths collapse
And tears become crucial
Fingers cant even type
Thoughts cant even transpire

The sadness is strong and soft
And spoken with silent words
And the whispers of the glare in your eye
All I can do is say "Hello"

Crawl up
Feel the sadness
Penetrate my heart with fools
And attempt to be brave

Wrap myself up
In a pretend womb
And cry and cry and cry
Until I become nothing

And I tell people
Sometimes I wish I would get sick
And I introduce to people
Sometimes I wish I was my Oma
Dying and blaming and falling apart
Sometimes I wish I was my Grandmother
Dead and six feet under

Because there is no comparable pain
To the pain of the ache
And the sadness, the emptiness, the nothingness
You feel after you travel through heaven

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC