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Heavy Heart
I've got a heavy heart.
Its weighted down so heavy.

Heavier than a gallon of milk.
And heavier than a bucket of apples.
Heavier than a bundle of potatoes.
And a bushel of hay.

Heavier than a stack of stones.
And a layer of bricks.
Heavier than an anvil.
And a metric ton.

Heavier than an elephant.
And heavier than an eighteen wheeler.
Heavier than a city aquarium.
And heavier than the Empire State Building.

Heavier than all the trees in the great red woods of Northern California.
And heavier than all the boulders that hold up Mt. Fuji.
Heavier than the planet in which we live on.
And heavier than our galaxy.

My heart is so heavy.
Because its weight carries so much love for you.

 2006 David Greg Harth