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Because you cry when you sing
And pour sweat down the guitar which you play

Because you hug and miss those who share
And sing with gloria in the flames of my eye

Because you understand and I compare Vox to you
And not you to Vox

Because you sculpt angels infront of us all
And back home in your own cathedral

Because you connect and share the joy
And posses a talent that exceeds most

Because passion is a name you know
And a policy you follow

Because you buy food for the homeless
And have patience for jack daniels and holy water

Because you bring all up on stage
And do not conform with society's limits

Because your friends and wife have stood by
And you have keen interests in your followers

Because you bow down to those who you love
And respect your self the same amount

Because from Nyack to New York City I knew you
And the glare in your eye highlights the crowd you draw

Because you have climbed with us
And not on top of us

Because you have held our hands together
And made peace in my heart; and theirs, nightly

Because you save many from the streets of sorrow
And committed to the journey of desire

Because you are not ashamed to change
And try the new

Because you kneel
And not charge

Because you appreciate and welcome
And stare down at the bullets of evil

Because you are who you are
And we thankyou for sharing your beauty

 1999 David Greg Harth @ Rock N' Roll Cafe & 296 NYC @ Rock N' Roll Cafe & 296 NYC @ Rock N' Roll Cafe & 296 NYC @ Rock N' Roll Cafe & 296 NYC