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The Hit
So anyway, I was going down Grand Central Parkway, right. Right, and I see
this guy, right, on the side of the road. And hes just like standing there.
In all this traffic, right, and I see him, on the side. So I stop by him,
right. He was a hitchiker. So, right, I picked him up. So we continue
driving, right, down the parkway, right. Iım headed for the Triboro bridge,
right. To go up north to the New England states, right. With the hitchiker.
And we continue, right, and the hitchiker then warns me. Right, he says to
me, "There are people up ahead, on the right shoulder, their car is broken
down." Right, okay. So Iım warned, and then the hitchiker said to me, "Why
don't you hit them?" So, still on Grand Central Parkway, right, heading
towards Triboro bridge, I continue. And then, right, as I approach the
people. I hit them all, right, just like them being dominoes, right.

İ 1998 David Greg Harth