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Hole In The Middle
I have it inside deep
Right next door, safe I keep

Your eggs, Your bread, Your cheese
Our yearning for each other is the greatest disease

Let tenderness engulf this cape
As I kiss the back of your nape

Before you were hollow
Tears of joy we unite to swallow

I witness your internal fire by a glance
Taking two close hearts to orchestrate this dance

You have left me bedside
One day, I shall fill you inside

With my tongue I trace your hips
For your sweetness a bouquet of tulips

Luscious scents infuse my mind
Penetrating me as I think of your behind

Set aside the cows and cupcakes
Let me devour your hotcakes

Immensely, you stimulate me
Years before, now by this roused sea

In my sight, your heavenly sculpture
Its true, my volcano is ready to rupture

A kiss awaits your arrival
At the door of our very own survival

Not on a pedestal you exist
In life, somethings we can not regret to resist

 2009 David Greg Harth