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Home is where you think
Home is where you choose
Home is where you live
Home is
Over here
And over there
Home is mine
And yours
Home is his, hers, and theirs
Home is below and beyond
Above and inside
Home is music and art
Home is sex and poetry
Home is my lover and my partner
Home is my family and friends

Home is where children are beaten
And kids go home to kill themselves
Home is where wives get beaten and raped
And men get drunk and snort
Home is a junkie's palace and whore's nightmare
Home is a july bath and pilgrimge
Home is a safety slut and music concourse
Home is a rotten body in hell
And a governor's secret

Home is a religious sacrafice
And a family reunion
Home is a place for self-esteem escapees
And starving rabies

Home is America and Antartica
Home is Singapore and London
Belfast and Chile

Home is butterflys and flowers
Daisys and valleys
Home is tunes and currents
And fellowship wings
Home is brothers and sisters
And kind thoughts progressing

Home is a coffin
And cemetary
Home is a church and temple
A revenge and jungle
Home is my control
And your lost feeling

Home is a devil's prophet
And a ruler's gold
Home is a bunker and a blanket
A sailer and a buddy

Home is a doll and car truck
A river of scum
Flowing down earthling drains
Home is a toilet
Constantly being flushed

Home is the defucked earth
Swallowed up in corporate problems
Spilled oil
And burnt forests
Hard-to-breathe air folk
And jet engine silence

Home is Nuclear war
And racisit handshakes
Home is colour bled dyes
And revelution wars

Home is sweet
And to be shared
Home is ours
And will forever be there

 1998 David Greg Harth