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Hot & Sticky
After fucking, we took a shower, rinsed off the cum from her legs
and her lower back. Rubbed her shoulders and washed her hair. Had a
scavanger hunt between her thighs and cupped her breasts. Hot & Sticky.

Riding the A train home, it was 95 degrees and extremely hot. Sweat bubbled
up on top your skin and all you could do was bake in the oven. I got out
and walked up the steps behind a young women with olive skin wearing a thin
white skirt. I could see her tight G-String right through the fabric. Hot &

At the park I watched the dogs chase eachother. Eachtime they made a pass,
I got pelted by small little stones. Each hitting me with a snap. The dogs
would run around in cirlces, chasing nothing, chasing eachother, and
greeting eachother. They would run right up to eachothers asses and sniff.
Some dogs would even mount other dogs and begin humping. Hot & Sticky.

Walking on Grand Street on this hot summer day, I pass tons of fish. Smell
fish, octopussy and eel. Headless, or finless, perhaps even brainless. Pig
parts, pig heads, pig feet, pig ears and pig insides. All displayed for the
little China man to eat. I didnšt have any chopsticks handy so I just dug my
hands in deep, into the bucket of ice and felt around. Didnšt find that
electric eel, didnšt know it was alive in the case to the right. Hot &

In SoHo there is a gallery on Wooster Street. Išm sure you know it. I went
there for an opening and what did I see? Some new art to be examined. At
the opening I met this woman with brunette hair. She told me to get down on
one knee and be a delight to her navel. Oh, what a sight! I got down on one
knee, and with a twirl of a tongue, Išm back at her place eating her
Cinnamon Bun! Hot & Sticky.

I went to the marketplace and had drinks with my friend. He brought along
his new girlfriend from Detroit. Although he never told me that she was so
slutty, so dirty and married with two kids. I donšt know why, I donšt know
how, Išve seen him suck and Išve seen him probe. But it was still stuck in
her hole, so I execused myself and they left for pork. Hot & Sticky.

On a far away planet, lets say, Baby Jupiter. Thats where I met her. My
beautiful girlfriend. She served me up and I met her out back. She was
wearing a turquoise shirt that day. Tight and blue. Cyan. Even horrifying!
I got her out back, on that July summer day. I bent her over that barrel
and slapped her ass! Slapped it so hard, she drenched my fist. Hot & Sticky.

Sitting alone, resting upon my sheets, on my bed. I hear the couple above
me fucking. Making loud noises and shifting the bed over and over again. I
heard the scratching of her fingernails into his back. I heard the moans of
his early cum. And I heard the crys shortly after. I realized masturbating
was not a crime, so I stroked my cock and listened once more. Hot & Sticky.

Š 2001 David Greg Harth